Kimberley Adventure – 14 days

Explore the rugged Kimberley coastline aboard a luxury yacht. An exclusive 14 day adventure sail to some of the most stunning country on earth.


  • Swim in freshwater waterholes above waterfalls in the Berkley River
  • Marvel at the King George River waterfalls
  • Discover Aboriginal art sites
  • Revel in the beauty of this pristine environment – from protected rivers and bays to uninhabited islands

Prices include all meals, accommodation on board, all shore excursions and use of all equipment.


Taking a maximum of 8 guests in 4 cabins you will depart from Darwin in the evening to commence your journey, then sail all of Day 1 before arriving at the Berkley River at first light on Day 2. While each cruise is negotiated with our guests, a suggested itinerary could be:

Day 2
Anchor at Casuarina Creek in the Berkley River; explore the escarpment for Aboriginal art sites and swim in the freshwater waterholes above the waterfall.kimberley10

Day 3
Motor further up the Berkley River to The Amphitheatre for your next overnight anchorage, exploring further upstream to where the freshwater flows over rocks to the saltwater section of the river. Relax in a picturesque waterhole above a small waterfall before finishing the day ashore in The Amphitheatre or fishing.

Day 4
Return to the mouth of the Berkley River to continue exploring waterholes and saltwater inlets.

Day 5
Sail along the Kimberley coast for the day before entering the magnificent King George River with its twin 60m high waterfalls. Anchor the night in sight of the falls after taking a shower from the bow of the boat under the waterfalls.

Day 6
Climb to the top of the escarpment and walk to the top of the falls. Along the way you will marvel at the views along the river and swim in waterholes at the back of the falls. Return to the boat to relax or head off to explore some of the many creeks. Anchor for the evening at a midpoint of the river surrounded by the stunning escarpment.

Day 720.-From-the-plateau-Glycosmis-Bay (1)
Exit the river and sail for a few hours to beautiful Glycosmis Bay, protected by sandbanks and with waterfalls flowing directly into the bay. Again the boat will venture under the waterfalls with ample opportunities to have a unique Kimberley shower.

Day 8
Depart early in the morning to sail around Cape Londonderry (the northern most part of Western Australia) before entering Napier Broome Bay, where there is a large number of options to anchor and explore. This includes the Drysdale River, Mission Bay (with a short walk ashore to the old Pago Pago Mission), the Governor Islands, Bird Island or West Bay.

Day 9
Continue to explore Napier Broome Bay with an overnight anchorage at a convenient location.

Day 10
Sail pass Sir Graham Moore Island and round Anjo Peninsula (site of the WW2 Truscott Airstrip) before navigating our way through Middle Rock to Freshwater Bay. Meet a group of friendly A friendly shark(and harmless) Tawny Nurse Sharks with opportunities to feed and pat these beautiful animals. A short trip in the tender will also have you exploring another freshwater source or grabbing a feed of black-lipped oysters for sundowners.

Day 11
Sail south to Vansittart Bay, passing various pearl leases, before anchoring at Jar Island, which has an excellent Bradshaw art site. Enjoy a relaxing BBQ on the beach with an overnight anchorage either at Jar Island or back at Freshwater Bay, depending on weather conditions.

Day 12
Commence the return journey to Darwin with an overnight anchorage in the lee of Cape Talbot (near Cape Londonderry).

Day 13 – 14
Depart the anchorage early morning enjoying an overnight sail back to Darwin, with a brief stop at Bare Sand Island for lunch on Day 14, time permitting. We return to Cullen Bay after sunset on Darwin Harbour and then enjoy a final meal together at one of Cullen Bay’s restaurants.

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